Christine believes love, kindness, compassion, empathy, mindfulness, intention, gratitude and awareness all go hand in hand.

Vulnerability is essential.

She sees that often we are afraid to be vulnerable, but when we allow raw vulnerability we learn being present and open to life’s opportunities cultivates our inner potential to feel good and emit positive action all around us. We learn about ourselves and understand the meaning behind our actions and patterns.

Christine thinks that when we are regularly commiting acts of bravery we are also focusing on bettering ourselves and allows us to identify our fractures, provides us with radical acceptance, and allows us to live intentionally whole.

Practicing generosity and gratitude is also essential.

It gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves, the world we live in, and identify what matters most to us. There are simple yet profound ways of incorporating friendliness and compassion into our daily living.

Christine says, “Identifying intention, believing our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and trusting our intuition assists you in finding balance and expressing gratitude.” You can meet your goals and ultimately understand how you can make the biggest impact your world.

For more information you can reach out to Christine by email, phone and instagram.